Sunday, August 10, 2014

Letter 8/3/2014

We went to eat bing-soo with Ji-Seung and Yeo-Rim on Monday to celebrate her baptism. On the bus ride back I saw a picture of a Maori man so I told Ji-Seung that my brother-in-law served in New Zealand. The first thing to come out of her mouth was; "were they married in the temple?" I was so surprised. We had a nice talk about temple marriages, ending in her making me promise to invite her to my temple marriage and she promised to invite me to hers. And she started reading D&C of her own choice! That was the last time we saw them until Sunday because they were at youth conference all week. It was so good for them! They BOTH BORE THEIR TESTIMONIES with the rest of the youth in sacrament meeting. Yeo-Rim cried during her testimony and is took her about 20-minutes to regain her composure. In her testimony, Ji-Seung said that the only regret she has is that she didn't find the Church and come into the Gospel sooner. This is a 15-year-old girl who has only been baptized for a week! Ji-Seung was confirmed yesterday. After church we taught Yeo-Rim the second lesson (the Plan of Salvation) and we gave her the baptismal commitment. She's getting baptized this Saturday and confirmed the next day! We can't believe how well everything worked out and how much the two of them have changed in the last month, especially after going to youth conference.

Someone asked me recently how to recognize promptings from the Spirit better. This is something that I have spent numerous hours worrying about, studying about, focusing on, and being quite desperate about. So I gave this person advice based on all of the things that I found had helped me. And this is the best way that I thought to explain it:
The main thing that I learned when I felt like I didn't receive revelation was that it's okay that I don't know how to do everything. If I were to build a chair, the hammer I used wouldn't need to know how to build the chair. Only I, the builder needs to know how. The hammer is required for me to fulfill my purposes but the only thing that it needs to do to help me is to just be a good hammer. The hammer just needs to be strong, functional, well-shaped hammer. It's not glamorous or prestigious. It just keeps it's self together and follows the guidelines of hammers and it's good. And it's the same with us. We don't know what to do to accomplish our work but we can make ourselves good tools to receive the revelation by being obedient, working as hard as we can, doing what we know is good, and following guidelines. We don't know how to do it but God will guide us and use us as we just try to be a good hammer. Then we will be a good tool for God to use us as He will.

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