Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Letter 8/18/2014

Although I've felt myself change and progress I still get discouraged when I can't do everything that I want. Especially with us being sick this week. We're fine and it wasn't anything serious but it slowed down the work and wiped out all of my energy. It took me a while to figure out I was sick. I was so sad because I couldn't do all that I wanted. 

We have a lot of potentials right now but none of them have been able to meet us yet for various reasons.
Sister Lee got her visa!!!!!!!!!!!! (for her mission in Madrid, Spain - she's been Natasha's companion while she waited for her visa) She's leaving on September 15th. I don't know what's going to happen to me or our area (we're going to start shutting down sister areas this transfer because the number of sisters leaving exceeds the number of sisters coming in (we only have one coming in). We have transfer calls this Saturday so we'll see what happens. I'm really sad and I don't want Sister Lee to leave me! She's so wonderful and has taught me so much. I don't feel like it's fair because I'm her trainer but she's taught me so much more!

Yeo-rim was baptized on the 9th.
We had zone conference this week. I really enjoyed it! We had workshops taught by the senior missionaries, helping us to learn skills and be more effective.
We had another exchange on Friday.
We started teaching Ji-Seung and Yeo-Rim (the teenage girls who were both recently baptized - they showed up for English class on a week when it was cancelled because of a ward party. they joined the ward party, and became investigators)the lessons again!
I gave a talk on Sunday and guess who sat on the stage with me and gave a talk with me? Ji-Seung!! She was ssssoooo cute! She based her talk off of D&C 88:63. She didn't even have a script. She just shared her thoughts. When she bore her testimony at the end she repeated how grateful she was to find this gospel and what a blessing it was been to her life and that she wants to stay in the church forever! She's the sweetest thing! It was so special to be able to do that with her!
One elder in our zone had his companion have to unexpectedly leave him in a companion transfer (we had one temporary elder leave after he got his visa) and he asked the president if he could find his own companion rather than become a threesome. He asked a member about our age to come serve with him until the end of the month. Guess who his companion is? A man he baptized earlier in his mission! He gets to serve with someone he baptized!!

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