Sunday, January 18, 2015

Letter 01/12/2015

We taught the lesson at FHE last week and it was really good! We showed the first "Patterns of Light" Mormon Message and talked about it and how we can recognize the Light of Christ.
We travelled over to the mission home three times this week! We were able to find more interested people this week! Our greenie brought miracles with her!
Our washer broke and we were worried but we got it fixed!
We had four new sisters come in this transfer, three Americans and one Korean. We had a feeling we were going to get a Korean sister and when we saw her we knew it was her. She's SSOO cute! So cute! She's really good and works hard and she's a really good teacher! We love our Sister 최 (Choi - pronounced Che).
We spent her first day at MLC (Mission Leadership Conference - I think) (haha welcome to the mission!!). After we got back to our area we went to go visit a referral that we hadn't been able to get a return appointment with and we were able to teach her then AND get a return appointment! Yay!
We've been super busy this week and I'm so happy! In the week she's been here we've only had time for one meal (the rest are usually on the fly).
We were able to meet a former investigator who was progressing really well but then hadn't been able to meet the missionaries in a long time. Her little boy ran around without pants on the whole time.
We invited one of our investigators to church and she didn't come but she walked us all the way to our house, which I think shows that she likes us so we have hope for the future!
Sister 최 has to do the mission's language learning program in English so that will be fun!

Letter 01/05/2015

We got our tranfer calls this week! Sister Hoffman and I are staying together with our two wards but we're getting a greenie! Yay! I'll be the official trainer because I'm the senior but we'll really be in it together. We'll find out who it is on Wednesday! The last time I trained it wasn't official or anything (she trained a Korean sister, Sister Lee, who was waiting for her visa so that she could start her mission in Spain) so I didn't have any training or time to get worried! But it will so much fun to have a cute little greenie. They're the cutest! My other cute daughter (missionary lingo for the sister she trained) is doing really well in Spain!
We have MLC and zone training this week in addition to transfers. It's going to be a fun week!
Happy new year's!!!
We're teaching the FHE message tonight and we're excited! Our FHEs have been doing well!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Letter 12/29/2014

On Tuesday we had a mission conference for Christmas!

We were able to meet our investigator, Sister Kim on Chrsitmas Eve! She's SO cute! She's the girl who "wants to know." We saw her again on Saturday. We were planning to teach from the beginning of the 3rd lesson but she had a question about the Holy Ghost so we ended up talking about the Holy Ghost instead. She's so funny. She pictures Him like Casper and said she thinks he must be cute like a little Casper ghost. Then in English class we were trying to think of a name for her. One of the 자 (Chinese characters, like Kanji in Japanese) in her name means "bright" and she suggested that her English name be "Bright Ghost." She's super quiet and shy but she started cracking up while all of the other students looked at her. When she regained composure she suggested a new name: "Laman." She's so adorable and she clearly remembers what she reads.

We had another Christmas party for the 2nd ward (she and her companion cover 2 wards now) on the night of the 24th. The missionaries did a nativity skit. It was ridiculous and fun. Several LAs (less active members) came and a woman from the other ward brought a non-member friend and her daughter!!!!!!
We were going to meet one of our potentials this morning but then she cancelled. We're excited because she's a referral and the member set up the appointment for that! It was one of the most exciting things of my mission!

After skyping you (on Christmas Day - it ended up not being skype, but a video phone call) our member took us out to lunch with her friend that's not a member! Member missionary work is exploding right now!!!!!!

Our members are all so sonderful and I love them so much!

We were able to meet a LA (less active member) yesterday that neither of us have ever met before!
Isn't work in the church wonderful?

We went to go visit a LA last night. Sister Hoffman picked her out(to visit) and felt good but she was about to leave the house so we couldn't visit with her. I had the thought to knock the doors of the building. We decided to do it and we found a potential investigator! It was so good! She felt like we should go there and I felt like we should knock doors! It was so cool!

Letter 12/22/2014

We had our Christmas party on Saturday! It was really good! We did the "Dancing Queen" dance and we also sang "Silent Night" with one of our members. 

On Saturday night I was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting because someone else cancelled. I was panicking because I didn't have time to prepare it! But I'm really grateful that I got to give a talk in my ward for Christmas! I used "O Holy Night," (The King of Kings lay thus in lowly manger; In all our trials born to be our friend.") Because sometimes we wonder why God has forsaken us but we never need to wonder that because every person has a friend and redeemer by their side. One name given to Jesus (told to Mary by Gabriel) is Immanuel, meaning God with us. Because Jesus Christ was born, we can always have God with us. Through Jesus we can be closer to God is this life and live with God again after this life.