Sunday, January 18, 2015

Letter 01/05/2015

We got our tranfer calls this week! Sister Hoffman and I are staying together with our two wards but we're getting a greenie! Yay! I'll be the official trainer because I'm the senior but we'll really be in it together. We'll find out who it is on Wednesday! The last time I trained it wasn't official or anything (she trained a Korean sister, Sister Lee, who was waiting for her visa so that she could start her mission in Spain) so I didn't have any training or time to get worried! But it will so much fun to have a cute little greenie. They're the cutest! My other cute daughter (missionary lingo for the sister she trained) is doing really well in Spain!
We have MLC and zone training this week in addition to transfers. It's going to be a fun week!
Happy new year's!!!
We're teaching the FHE message tonight and we're excited! Our FHEs have been doing well!

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