Sunday, August 3, 2014

Letter 7/20/2014

지승 (Ji Seung) is getting baptized on the 27th! She's so ready! Her answers to the baptismal interview questions were so good! 

We got transfer calls on Saturday. President had already told us that we're both staying so we had no surprises. Of my 6 transfer calls, I've only had one that didn't tell me we weren't both staying. Sister Lee will stay with me until she gets her visa (for Spain) (about two months) and then a new sister will come to be my companion. I hope I can finish training her before she leaves!

We're getting a new flatmate on Wednesday who will be a greenie so we'll have two greenies in the house! I kind of missed the important step of going to the training for trainers so I'm a bit worried about training her. 

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