Sunday, August 3, 2014

Letter 7/7/2014

예림 (Yeo Ring) and 지승 (Ji Seung) came to church again! The ward members fellowship them well!
A sister brought a friend to church last week and she came this week too!

We had MLC and zone training this week. The focus was on the Book of Mormon. Sister Kei and I did our training on Moroni's promise. An interesting thing that I read about it is that all church members should repeatedly follow Moroni's promise, with not only the Book of Mormon but with all truth. I believe that if we follow this pattern of asking God we can know everything that we need to know.

In my studies this week I had an interesting realization. I discovered that when I'm disappointed with myself because of my shortcomings I'm focusing too much on my actions and my outside and that instead of focusing on those I should focus on inward traits (like the Christlike attributes) and I'm better be able to overcome my weaknesses.

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