Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Letter 8/11/2014

This week was a good week.

Before Sister Kei left we met a family by knocking on doors that was interested in the English program. We went ot their apartment again but someone at their apartment said they were on vacation so we weren't able to see them. We went back a couple of weeks later and the mother was so happy to see us! She had lost our number and had tried to find us on the internet but hadn't been successful. Because we went back we were able to meet her! We taught her and her daughter (who's brilliant) and we will continue teaching them. The mother has been looking for a church and they're really prepared!

While proselyting one day we found a group of Japanese tourists. I talked to them a little bit. It was fun to hear Japanese again and to be able to see Japanese people again.

On our way home one night I felt like I should go to the back of the bus. I typically stand near the front so as to be able to talk with people who are sitting up there but I made my way to the back. There was a phone sitting on the seat in front of me so we took it and we were able to return it to the owner, who was a previous investigator of the elders. He said he would come to English class!

I get lost quite frequestly and it's rather embarassing. While I used to get really frustrated, I've come to notice that I usually have some of my best converstaions and miracle contacts while I'm lost. It may just be my confused brain, but I think I get lost on purpose sometimes to find people that wouldn't normally be in my path.

We were worried about Yeo-Rim (a young investigator) getting a signature from her parents (for permission to be baptized). Yeo-Rim didn't sound very hopeful and we were worried. When we got home that night we decided to fast as we began our planning. It had been a rough day and we had bought ice cream to eat while we planned. But we gave up our ice cream so that we could fast. Yeo-Rim texted us the next morning to tell us that she had received the signature from her mom! Based on what Yeo-Rim said, we think that her mom signed the form right around the time we started our fast. We knew that God answered our fast and our prayers!

My mission has helped me to understand the principle of God making weak things become strong unto us. I've been very frustrated with my weaknesses as a missionary, especially because I want to do the best that I can as a missionary. But I've found that the things that I struggled with the most have become some of my strengths because I've had to work harder to oversome them. It's really like God giving me a gift of a strength. I just have to work a little bit for it, like if He gave me employment. If He gives me employment He's giving me a salary; I just have to work to earn that salary.

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