Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Letter 6/23/2014

We met with a woman who had previously met with the missionaries but dropped them because she was afraid of her pastor. Some different missionaries found her and she had renewed interest and so they referred her to us. We met her this week but for some reason she was only expecting English. She kept trying to tell us that she could only be taught English because of her pastor so that we would agree but we had to tell her that we couldn't teach English without the gospel. It was sad.
 Natasha on a hike with other Sister Missionaries.
In our district meeting this week our district leader said something I liked. He said that after praying we should think; "I asked for [this]. What can I do to make it happen? What do I need to do?" I really liked it.
We had an exchange this week with our 부천 (Bucheon (an area)) sisters. I went there with Sister Hurst. She's super cute. She just finished her training. She was trained by a Korean sister like me.

Natasha with other missionaries at the Seoul Temple
While we were visiting some people and walking around an apartment area we saw a 할머니 (halmeoni, which means grandma, but is also used to address any older woman in Korea) in our ward who was exercising so we went and talked to her for a long time. As we were talking to her a boy was hanging around for a while so Sister Kei asked if we could help him. We ended up talking to him about the English program and referred him to the elders. Our cute ward member was so excited to talk to him. She was telling him everything she knew and was repeating everything we said. She was so excited to help with missionary work - it was the cutest!

We had a baptism yesterday for an 8-year-old and one of our teenagers (지승) (Jiseung (her name), an investigator) was able to attend! We were so happy! She was watching it and asking questions to know how she needed to prepare for her own!!!!!!! We were so excited!!!!

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