Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Letter 5/19/2014

We went on two exchanges this last week. And we have two every week until the end of the transfer.(Because they are sister training leaders now)
When I was with Sister Pratt, two men in business suits called us over to them. She, in all her innocence, went right over to them. It turns out they were Jehovah's Witnesses, which is better than I had originally thought. Only one of them talked to us but he didn't make me feel good inside. He was trying to tell us that Satan is the reason why we have so many churches in the world and so to know which church is true we need to study Satan and understand him. Sister Pratt told him that we don't want to study Satan because we want to learn about Jesus and I got us out of there.
We also talked to a woman who started crying when we asked her how her day was because she has cancer and the doctors couldn't help her so she had gone for a walk because she was in a lot of pain. It was so sad. Sister Pratt told her that God loved her but she said she couldn't feel that and believe it. It was so sad.
The girl who walked into English class last week and came to church brought a friend with her who came to church too and we taught all three of them after church. Yay!!!
While we were standing outside of the church waiting for them to come a woman passed by and when we said 'hello' to her she asked what time our 예배 (worship) is. We told her it was at 12 and she came to sacrament meeting! She took off after sacrament and she gave me her daughter's name and number who lives in Dallas so we sent the referral in. Her son had attended our church for a little bit.
There's a less active family in our ward that I met my first week but we haven't been able to meet them since. I had a sudden urge to visit them yesterday and one daughter who we had never met before answered the door and we were able to share a scripture with her. Super exciting.
We had zone conference this week. We met at the mission home in 송파 (Songba) and then went to hike a mountain. We hiked up to an old fortress that a king used to defend his army against the Chinese in the 1400s. But they ran out of food and had to surrender. It's a huge fortress. I could never see where it ended. As we hiked we took stops along the way for training. The focus was Faith, hope, charity, and love. And the APs trained on bearing testimony when we talk to people on the street.
Our trainings (as sister training leaders) are focused on using time effectively, setting specific goals, consecrating ourselves, updating our area books, applying the APs' training on testifying, and making sure that we don't do anything during proselyting time besides working outside talking to people or visiting them (using the story of the fisherman who was at a lake for 12 hours but spent so much fussing with his line, his lunch, and going back to his card that he only had 6 hours with his line in the water but another fisherman made sure he was focused and he had his line in the water for 20 hours - let your line drop as soon as you leave the apartment).
On one of my exchanges a random lady called me who had met the missionaries on the street and she wanted to meet. But she have no idea how long ago she met the missionaries because she said one was from Canada and we don't have any sisters form Canada in our mission right now. We had to refer her to different sisters that live closer to her but I thought it was a good example of missionaries not seeing the good that they sow.

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