Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Letter 6/2/2014

Elder (Quentin L) Cook (an Apostle) came on Saturday! (We had Elder Christofferson here in Daejeon on Saturday - a lot of apostles and general authorities have been visiting Korea and Asia recently) We were surprised by how soft he was but we realized later, as we studied our notes, that he was subtly strong in calling us to repentance. President Ringwood wasn't so soft. He told us to "consider our ways" (Haggai 1:5~6). Elder Cook left us with multiple blessings as well. (I told her that Elder Christofferson left the saints in our stake with a multitude of apostolic blessings.) The blessings just kept coming and my pen couldn't keep up with them. I forgot to bring my notes so I'll talk more about what he said next time.

Sister Kei's mom sent us so much food! (during her visit to Korea last week, when she visited us) We've had to turn down all dinner invitations. We can't do them. (Because of Celiacs and the other food sensitivities that Sister Kei has) And we can't eat out anywhere. But sometimes we don't have time to go home between appointments and the only thing we can eat is ice cream. It's a sad life. Sister Kei's stomach has been getting worse.
We have two new investigators this week! The wife just has English interest and the husband only attended because she was nervous her first time but they will both be gospel interested investigators soon! We're excited to teach a family!

Our teenage investigators still come to English class and mutual! And we teach them after church!!

Our ward mission leader created a referral box for members to put their referrals in, hoping we will get people to teach.

A married couple walked in to church yesterday who had been taught by the sister missionaries 5 years ago! They just decided to come back yesterday!
I read a quote in PMG (Preach My Gospel) suggesting that missionaries plead everyday for God to loosen their mouths to the blessing of others and as they do this they will feel the Spirit work through them more and they will feel happier with their work. I had been wanting to feel the Spirit more so I started doing it. And I did notice a difference! The biggest miracle that I saw was on Friday when I went to visit a less active sister while on an exchange. We had never been able to meet this sister before! As we talked I was able to find the needs of both her and her husband, and I was amazingly able to answer all of her questions. The thoughts of what to tell her easily came to my mind and I could feel that it was what she needed to hear. The things I shared with her were things that I had recently struggled with and I was able to give her answers because I had already struggled through it and found the answers myself. I could pull out scriptures that had given me answers to those questions I had had. I could see how God was using me to bless others, both at the moment and in weeks leading up to it.

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