Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Letter 5/26/2014

Tell Susie that I said happy birthday! I'm sending off her package tomorrow! (If for some reason I'm not able to, I won't be able to get it out until next week, so be prepared)

We met a less-active yesterday that we've never been able to meet before, despite our numerous visits. We've met her daughters, seperately, at a couple of our visits. We're working really hard to help the less-actives. We've seen more miracles with less-actives than average. We're hoping they will all return because they really do change when they come back. Their problems aren't all solved but they appear to be different. 

Talking to other sisters as I go on exchanges has helped me to help myself in ways that I couldn't have done unless I was working to help others. (Working as a sister training leader)

We gave 7 referrals this week! We kept finding people who are interested but they usually happened to live in other areas (or other missions)!

We have Elder Cook coming to speak to us on Saturday!

Sister Kei and I have discovered the magic in laughing. It's the only way to deal with some things. We keep finding ourselves on the floor, laughing so hard.

Our two teenage investigators went to the YW activity on Friday and they really liked it! They want to go again this week!

We had a boom in our English class with 10 members in the adult section!

We got caught in a rain storm last night without umbrellas but it's always good weather in missionary work! We were able to meet the the less-active that we've never met before!

Thanks for sending me so much food! We've had to buy ramen to feed the sisters who come on exchanges with because they don't understand that we can't get our food here and it's so expensive and precious. (We've been ordering them gluten free and other specialty foods from the U.S., like peanut butter, chocolate chips, cereal, oats, beans, etc that are difficult/impossible to get in Korea, because Sister Kei has celiac and other food sensitivities, and Natasha does too)

Love you!

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