Monday, April 28, 2014

Letter 4/7/2014

I got the iHerb package!!!! It came on Tuesday afternoon! I was so excited as I carried into our house that I couldn't maneuver the racks of drying clothes (we don't have time to finish on Monday with four sisters) that I was running into walls and we sat around it like children on Christmas, squealing as we pulled each item from the box. It must have been really expensive! Thank you! My (and our) tumm(ies) will be most happy!
(We discovered that we can order health food from iHerb and have up to 15 obls shipped to Korea for only $4.00!!! This is blessing our lives, as well as Natasha's)

I tried the kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) recipe and we both really liked it! And we roasted the seeds!

Are you going to the Women's meeting with Mims (Mia) this week?

We met with an investigator yesterday and she told us she thought religion was just a man-thing and she coulsnt' understand why girls, like us, would get excited about it. She always acts stern and hard when we teach her but when she sees the elders later at their English club she tells them that she really likes us and seems to him to be making progress.

We went to the temple on Thursday and saw the new-old movie! (the new first of the new movies just came to the Seoul Temple). We came straight home and slept for three hours.

We're going to 어의도 (Eouido?) today to ride bikes under the cherry blossoms.

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