Monday, April 28, 2014

Letter 4/14/2014

I thought the same thing about Elder Packer!! I even wrote it in my notes. (I wrote to her that his talk seemed like a final, farewell testimony) 
Sister Kei and I especially liked Elder Perry's talk on obedience. 

As part of the program our President has us doing to learn the lessons an improve our teaching skills we have to write a talk for each lesson and give the talks in sacrament meeting. I wrote a talk for Lesson Two last transfer but I lost it in the move. I'm giving a talk in a couple of weeks and I really wanted to find it because I don't have time to write a new one. I spent a couple of days tearing apart my desk and drawers (including my clothes drawers) to find it, to no avail. As I was praying to begin my personal study one day this week one of my drawers popped into my head. Immediately following my prayer I turned around to open the drawer and found my talk sitting on top of a pile of papers. I had definitely looked through the pile of papers in the drawer before but I hadn't done it with God. It made me think how often God must be helping me because I can't do anything by myself, even find a piece of paper that I lost. It emphasized one of my favorite scriptures (especially since coming on a mission); Alma 26:12. With God I can do all things.
Wasn't the General Women's Meeting really good? I kept crying. I thought this entire Conference was astounding. I've never felt so much guidance, love and direct calls to action. 

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