Monday, April 28, 2014

Letter 4/21/2014

They were from a high school right next to my house (maybe 15 minutes away). I haven't figured out yet if any of them were members. I had heard about the ferry but I didn't know that they were from Ansan until our investigator told us yesterday. It hurt a lot. (She is referring to the 300 students in the ferry that sank last week. This is so sad for her, and us, and all of Korea.)

Noah isn't a little boy anymore. (in response to photos I sent)
During one of our routine calling sessions to previous potential investigators we called a woman who was currently sick (bed-ridden) so we took her bread (and we wrote scriptures on hearts) and heart-attacked her door.
We went to visit a woman in our ward who is sick on Tuesday. We didn't want to bother her and make her get out of bed but we just wanted to heart-attack her door. Because we didn't want to ring up (to be let into the apartment building) we creepily stood outside her apartment waiting for someone to walk in so that we could slink in behind them. The first woman that came by asked us, "are you going to the 16th floor?" When we affirmed she opened the door, gestured with her hand to follow us, and told us to come in. These things don't happen. As we were waiting for the elevator she told us that she know we were going to the 16th floor to visit our member because she used to be a member and hasn't attended our ward in a while. She got off before we could talk very much but we noted which door she went to and which floor she got off at. She was super nice and friendly and told us to come visit her later. So we did - 5 minutes later. We got her name and number. When I was looking through my planner that night I noticed that we had tried to visit her on Sunday night (I had forgotten) but we had only found that she had moved, thinking that she was lost forever. (this is a pretty common occurrence) But we found her two days later!
Do you guys know about the dangers of microdust? (we think she is referring to the yellow dust that blows in from China in the spring - we aren't sure if we know of all the dangers, and aren't sure we want to know....)
It was raining pretty hard on Thursday night so we went down into the subway and rode it back and forth on our area, talking to people on the subway and in the stations. In one station we found two women (SEPARATELY) who were inactive members of the Church!! Yes, this happened. Neither of them lived in our area (one lives in the other mission) and wouldn't give us their information but we thought it was incredible that we met them. We got the name and of woman and gave it to the sisters in her area.
I'm glad to hear that you had a good Easter. We kept forgetting that it was Easter. We both reminded each other repeatedly because we kept forgetting. No one mentioned anything about it at church (expect for y prayer in RS). People didn't even know about it. I talked to several members and as I tried to make small talk I asked what they were doing for Easter but no one I asked even knew it was Easter. It was really sad. (we had a very different Easter experience in our ward. Everyone seemed to know, and the Young Women decorated eggs and passed them out after sacrament meeting. White eggs are rare here, they all seem to be brown, but the Young Women did really cute things with the brown eggs, painting faces on them, adding pompons, etc).
For the first time, I began to feel this week that I am actually doing good missionary work but our golden family dropped us this morning. It was a little more than we could handle.

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