Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Letter 3/31/2014

It was a good week. It was a really tiring week. We did a lot of walking, climbing stairs, and our bodies are pretty sore.

This week we randomly stopped by a Less Active's house. As we were heart-attacking her door she came home and invited us in (yesssss) and then she asked if we were the missionaries that had called her earlier. No, we weren't. But then the doorbell rang and the elders were in the doorway. It was an awkward moment because they had actally made an appointment with her for that exact time but we didn't know about it, showed up first, and swooped in. But they couldn't come in because there weren't any men home. We talked with her for an hour and she asked us to come back and teach her the lessons again because she wants to understand it better. It was amazing. LAs usually send us packing. But she was so nice and hapy to see us. So we're really excited to help her.

We've been organizing our records (it was bad times) and we have a huge stack of previous investigators whose numbers are wrong but they have addresses. So we've started to visit them and we've found that most of them are still living at these addresses. So we're excited about that. There are a lot of them. 

We taught a previous investigator who moved so we had to refer her to the other mission (Seoul). She spoke a lot of Japanese and that was fun.

The cherry blossoms are all in full bloom! They've started falling!

My area is right on the river so we get to see it sometimes! My area is pretty small.

I lost our phone yesterday................. I got home and realized it was gone. But a nice man found it and will give it back to us on Wednesday. In the mean time, we are borrowing our flat-mate-sisters' phone while at home.

We had Presdient interviews this week. I love my president. He's the best.

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