Sunday, April 5, 2015

Letter 03/23/2015

We had a lot of good service opportunities this week! We successfully found a new service project (all 12 of the missionaries in both wards go to the same service project so I wanted out so spread the love and have more opportunities to find investigators - and it looks good!). One of our members owns a 떡집 (Ddeokchib - I think this is a restaurant or a shop that specializes in rice cakes) and she asked us to help her one day (we got to talk with her husband who isn't a member). And one of our members asked us to come over and help her prepare food for her mother's 제사 (CheSa - I don't know what this is). As we left this member's house we ran into a woman who used to meet the missionaries and we were able to teach her yesterday! When we made our change to 추가 lessons we started with teaching the members practice lessons but we have been teaching more and more to our members needs. My new favorite thing is studying and seeking inspiration for our members, teaching with the Spirit, and feeling like I fulfilled my missionary purpose by helping them come closer to Christ. Sister Choi and I have had so many experiences where our members have told us, "We're going to talk about repentance? I was thinking about repentance yesterday and I know I wanted to work on it" or "I know that you had inspiration when you planned this lesson because it's what I needed" and so forth. One sister who gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday talked about things she has learned while being a member of the church and at the end of her talk she said that she put a lot of it together and had realizations on this topic while talking with us. I haven't had very many investigators in this area but I feel like I've helped our members.  I love it! Love you!

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