Sunday, April 5, 2015

Letter 03/02/2015

I love it when we have to get into an locked apartment building (you have to know the key code to get in to most apartment buildings in Korea) and someone else opens it for us so we can get it. They (the people they are visiting)don't even know but their simple act of trying to get into their home is furthering the work of salvation (because they are able to meet and talk to the people who let them in).
We visited a member last week and she was telling us how she's been baptized for a little over a year but doesn't have her temple recommend yet and she feels a little bit left out sometimes so we challenged her to talk to bishop and get her recommend so that she can go to the stake temple day this Saturday. She texted a few hours later telling us that she talked to the bishop!
When we left the house that morning Sister Choi said that she needed to buy toothpaste. When we went to another member's house that day she had two bottles of toothpaste sitting on her table and when we left she gave them to us. How did she know?
There is a certain less active woman that we've tried to contact but we haven't been successful. the elders ran into her and gave her our number this week. We were able to visit her and she came to church! She hasn't been to church in years! I gave her a Book of Mormon when we visited her on Tuesday and she had read it all by Sunday and was reading through the Index in the back (in the Korean BoM the topical guide and Bible Dictionary are combined into one)!
We went to the temple on Thursday! I went in the Korean session again with Sister Choi. There several women in the session from a branch in Russia. There isn't a temple so that Russian saints travel down to Korea.
We were able to meet another less active member who I have only been able to meet once!
We stickerboarded (I'm not sure what this is) outside of Homeplus (a department store) on Saturday night. It was really successful for all three teams.
Love you!

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