Thursday, March 13, 2014

Letter 2/23/2014

Three Young Adults in our ward are working on their papers right now so we'll be getting a lot of calls soon. Even some of the less active Young Women have started asking us questions about missionary work.
We had a stake youth activity on Saturday, where the youth of each ward did a little performance.

Sister 최금자 (Choi Geum-Ja) was baptized yesterday! (This is the sister who cancelled her baptism right after Christmas, and it is Natasha's first baptism)

So everything has wheat, I swear. (She has a gluten intolerance) Food is so important to them (the Koreans) and turning down their food really hurts their feelings, even when I tell them it's because I have an allergy. It's weird. They feel like their food isn't good enough for me or something. And you need to eat a lot. And compliment the food non-stop. Like, every couple of minutes. We had lunch with a member last night and she said that she thought I was really proud and picky when she first met me but she's seen that I eat well (I eat a lot and don't complain) so she changed her mind. I didn't know what to say to that. I really don't like food that much so I don't understand. When we taught someone about the Tree of Life this week, Sister Jeong started with asking, "When you eat really delicious food, what do you want to do?" and the investigator answered; "Share it with my family!" (which is obviously what Sister Jeong wanted) I just don't get that excited about food.

We went to a big outside open market-thing (they're the best, by the way) and we found some super cute dogs for sale. It turns out some people buy these dogs for eating. Supposedly it's really good.

(I asked what the difference is between the dogs they eat and the dogs they keeps as pets)
Those dogs could be kept as pets or eaten. I'm not sure. I think mutts are usually eaten. It's really expensive, though. And a lot of people don't eat it because they like dogs too much. I know they do have some dog farms but they're not common.

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