Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Letter 2/17/2014

We didn't get any new investigators this week (haha) (reference to how they got 9 new investigators last week) but we had a lot of other progress and blessings.
Sister Choi Geum-Ja who had a baptismal date on 12/29 called us on the 8th, telling us that she was suddenly ready to be baptized. She'll be baptized onFebruary 23rd!!!! And the members have really been helping to welcome her. She's a piano teacher so we asked the bishop to give her a calling to play the piano in RS. And she's already been doing missionary work! She's been talking to her friends about us and advertising our English program for us and she invited two friends over to help her make food on Thursday when she feeds us (that's her baptismal interview date and she offered to feed us lunch before the interview).

We've been super busy but it's been nice. We normally do our weekly planning on Friday but we had to put it off until Monday last week because we didn't have time.

There's a woman who works on a base and attends the English branch in my mission and she is going to help me get gluten-free food (I'll obviously pay for it). She orders it from Amazon. She scheduled certain food to come every three months.

We had exchanges on Wednesday and Sister Gwak Min-Hi came to Ansan with me.

We're starting a similar but slightly different program in our English class and I'm excited. A change was greatly needed. And now we have two other Americans in our ward instead of me.

We went to the temple on Thursday!

We went straight back to our area so help a brother (that reactivated this month) move offices. He's a magician and we found a lot of fun stuff while packing up. We didn't get a p-day but we didn' have anything urgent so it was okay. My companion really wanted the food that he was going to buy for us for helping. I could never be so motivated by food. Food hates me (reference to her digestive problems).

They don't have movie ratings in Korea either (probably referring to how they don't have ratings in Japan).

One of our new investigaors who seemed to have a lot of promise seemed a little less certain after we finished teaching the first lesson. The first lesson always sounds a lot like "America this. America that." "The Book of Mormon took place in America." Joeseph Smith lived in America." "Our headquarters are in America." "Our prophet lives in America and every single latter-day prophet has been American...." And it turns a lot of people off.

At our last mission conference I sat at a table with only Koreans and afterwards a sister said to me; "You can sit with me if you're stuck at a table full of natives. I know how that can be." But I was actually thoroughly enjoying myself. I didn't understand. (This is in reference to how the American missionaries often treat the Korean missionaries - she's having a hard time with it)
I still don't have hanbok pictures but I'm going to copy some of Sister Jeong's pictures onto my camera this week.

The photos are of the sisters in her mission with the mission president, and looking down on the city from the mountains.

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