Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Letter 3/17/2014

Elder Jo's (a missionary in our ward) brother is in my mission. And he's from Sister Jeong's ward!!

Korea is still without electronica (our family's term for electronic devises - she is referring to the ipads, iphones, and facebook access that many missions have now). Japanese missions have them as the test-run place in Asia. We have little flip-phones with dictionaries on them though!

Thanks for the recipes (I sent some gluten free recipes that use rice flour). My new comp has celiacs so they will be appreciated even more :) A woman who attends the English branch in 영등포 (Yeongduengpo) told me she uses bean flour. But she also orders food through every three months (through the ship and save option or whatever it's called).
Elder Lee's dad sent him a picture of you guys and I got to see it. (Elder Lee's dad & uncle came up to us separately at stake conference this weekend. His dad showed us a photo with Natasha & his son in it. They have been serving in the same ward. He also asked to take a photo of us to send to his son. There is also a family in our ward whose daughter is in Natasha's mission, and is good friends with Natasha).
Cousin Jordan asked me a while ago what American food I miss the most that I can't get here. The answer was - and remains to be - health food. Almond milk, gluten-free stuff, fad-diet foods....
So as you already know we got our transfer calls and I'm leaving! I was 100% positive I was staying. Sister Jeong has been in Ansan since August and she'll probably die here (mission slang for finishing up the mission)because she only has two more transfers after this upcoming transfer. That means she's only served in two areas and they're right next to each other. It's a very unique experience. Our mission president doesn't like to move people around a lot. So you can expect me to stay in my next area for a while. I'm sad to leave Ansan, the ward members, Sister Jeong and the other missionaries but I'm excited for a new adventure because I've only had one area and one companion (though I love her dearly). I'm going to 목동 (Mok-dong - this is an area in Seoul - she been outside of Seoul in Ansan) I'll be with Sister Kei. I've talked with Sister Kei a little bit before because she has Celiac's so she's given me some help.
I went to Sanbon this week for an exchange with Sister Wright. Sister Wright was in my MTC district. She's so cute and sweet so we had a lot of fun.
We started teaching two 中3 (3rd grade of middle school, or 9th grade) girls this week. They want to learn English. I kind of feel like I'm bamboozling people because they tell us they want to learn English and we say; "Okay. Oh, and by the way, after teaching English for 30 minutes we're going to teach about our gospel for 30 minutes. Okay?" But one of them prayed at the end of our lesson.
Sister Jeong's new companion is Korean (I'm glad because she will have someone to help her more with the Young Women). So they're going to have to drop all of our "English Investigators" which is pretty disappointing but they'll be able to to focus more on people who are sincerely interested in the gospel.
We have one English Investigator that we teach every Tuesday morning. The Sisters have been meeting with her since July and she's been progressing but SLOWLY. She's received all of the lessons but Sister Jepng doesn't want to drop her because although her progress is minute it is existent. We were talking about 1st Nephi 3&4. At the end I bore my testimony and asked her to say the closing prayer (she's NEVER prayed). And she said no. So I started again with my testimony. I think I just said the same thing, using different words. But she prayed! And it was a good prayer.
An elder in my ward and I were talking about the plastic surgery here. American women get plastic surgery too but they're more concerned with their bodies. Koreans are naturally so skinny that they don't have to worry about it and so they focus on their faces (it's very popular to get plastic surgery in Korea. Especially having the eye fold cut).

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