Sunday, March 1, 2015

Letter 02/09/2015

(With her companions, Sister Che and Sister Hoffman at the Seoul Temple)

At our FHE (Family Home Evening) last Monday a member girl who's 14 brought two of her friends! And then they came to our ward ping-pong tournament on Saturday! They brought along a third friend and we also had a girl from English class come and bring her friend!!!!! We were surrounded by tween/teenage girls!
This week was busy and fun!!!!! MLC, Zone Training Meeting, and 12-Week Follow-up!!!!! Our training at our zone meeting was about faith. Faith is something that I've really come to understand more on my mission. When was little I used to say a prayer, telling Heavenly Father that I believed I could fly if He wanted me to and then I would climb up onto the arm of the counch and jump off convinced that I could fly. But He never wanted me to fly. He wanted me to walk. Sometimes I really want to fly - I want to be better, I want to oversome this and that and fly to the moon but I'm not able to be perfect and it really bothers me. But maybe I'm not meant to fly - I'm just meant to walk and that will get me where God needs me to be.
We visited a member this week and practiced teaching a lesson that we planned out for an investigator. The investigator told us that she didn't have time to meet us that week but after we got home from teaching that practice lesson SHE CALLED US AND ASKED TO GO TO HER HOUSE a few days later!!!!
After our ping-pong tournament Sister Hoffman and I were walking side-by-side and Sister 최 (Che - they are a threesome right now)was walking by a member. We passed someone and Sister Hoffman and I both had a feelign to turn around and chase her down. In the best way you can after turning around, chasing someone down, and then introducing yourself, we explained who we are and why we wanted ot talk to her. We bore our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and this message and she said that she would pray and if she had "the feeling" she would call us!

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