Sunday, March 1, 2015

Letter 01/26/2015 (the day before 22nd birthday)

Last P-day we had a sisters' conference with trainings on time management, budgeting, cleaning, and exercise. I did the training on time management and I also gave that training at our district meeting.
We taught two FHE (Family Home Evening) lessons to members last Monday night.
On Tuesday we had a 'culture conference' and one of President Morrise's (the mission president) counselors - who is also one of our ward missiona leaders - gave us training on Korean culture to help us have better relationships with members and find investigators.
We've been a lot more busy and I love it! More members and less-active members are asking to meet with us raher than us being the only ones asking to meet. 

Little 효민 (HyoMin - and 8 year old boy they had been teaching) got baptized on Wednesday. Those pictures are from his baptism. After the baptism I asked his sister what she thought about the baptism. Our conversation went like this:
"What did you think?"
"I liked it."
"What did you like about it?"
"I thought it was was interesting."
"What was interesting?"
"Well he went under the water it represents death and when he came up it represents resurrection."
Isn't she so cute? She's only 5.

We had an exchange. When we seperated Sister Hoffman and I both forgot to switch over the phone so I went back to our area and we were phoneless for 24 hours. It was all good but it's not something that I want to repeat. 

We had an appointment with an investigator, Sister Kim, and then we had to book it to a member's house for a practice lessons. The bus was taking too long to come so we decided to take a taxi. But then all of the taxis suddenly disappeared so we were forced to wait for the bus. After going a few stops we realized that the bus was taking a different route than we had thought so we had to get off. Catching a taxi is usually a fairly easy task but not this day. After a while we were finally able to get a taxi. Finally! And the taxi driver knew Mormons! He had studied the Bible for 40 years and knew that it is not complete so he also studied other records (the Greeks and Egyptians, etc). Guess what? WE HAVE A RECORD THAT COMPLETES THE BIBLE! Good news! He accepted a Book of Mormon! We ran to the member's house a half an hour late and felt awful (we couldn't even call her to explain our situation because we didn't have a phone!!!) but right as we were ringing the bell outside of her apartment building she came walking up, also 30-minutes late. She had tried to let us know but couldn't. Everything worked out. We were supposed ot meet the taxi driver and she was late for the appointment too. 

On Saturday we did a street-boarding activity outside of our church. we talked to two students and then invited them into the church where we were able to teach them a short lesson! 

This week had a lot of ups and downs but everything strengthened my testimony of this gospel. I love it.

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