Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Letter 12/8/2014

Last week we planned to teach an investigator the first lesson and we wanted it to be the best first lesson we had taught so we role played together, we studied, we practiced teaching it to two members, and we even taught it to a seven-year-old boy who is taking the lessons before getting baptized (his family are members). But then the investigator wasn't able to make it. We were so bummed. But then a member referred someone to us and we went to go visit her. We just showed up at her apartment because we only had her address and not her phone number. She let us in and WE TAUGHT HER THE FIRST LESSON! It was so cool!
And we taught a Japanese woman this week! She wants to learn English and she was referred to us because I speak Japanese. Her Korean is good so we mostly spoke in Korean so that Sister Hoffman could know what was being said. It was so much fun. She doesn't actually have gospel interest but we loved teaching her and her family.
At zone training we gave a training on the sacrament. I loved studying about the sacrament and being able to train on it because I want to improve my time in sacrament meeting. our purpose was to show the importance of it, how it can help us, how we can get more out of it although it's all in Korean, and how to turn those to help our investigators. We were hoping that by focusing on the importance of it and helping the missionaries feel more personal about it, it would give us all a little more 'umph' of helping our investigators come to sacrament meeting. What do you like to do doing sacrament meeting to get more out of it? I like to take a problem or question and seek an answer. I keep my planner open to write down Korean words that I don't know and I can also write down ideas that come to my mind. And I like to imagine Jesus and His attributes becoming a greater part of me as I partake of the bread and water.
I went to 안산 (Ansan - her first area) on an exchange this week! I called up some former investigators that haven't met with the missionaries for almost a year and we were able to meet them! The elders in 안산 (Ansan) had found a dog collar on the ground with a phone number on it so we called the number and met up with the lady to give it back to her. She told us that she was interested in learning English so we introduced the English program and she said she wanted to meet again!
We went to a member's house yesterday because he hosted the ward as a bonding-activity. We were very glad we went because a cute member went with her husband who is not a member and we were able to sit with them while we ate and it was time well spent! We were so happy!
Acts 8:28, 31

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