Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Letter 10/20/2014

I was reading in the book of Luke today. Jesus talked about the church being like leaven. Sometimes I feel like a forgotten piece of leaven, hidden in the dough. And sometimes the church feels so small but it has the ability to rise up and help Korea to rise up. We're so small but the gospel gives the opportunity to make such a big, positive difference. I can help others is a positive way if I be how God wants me to be and not try to be something different.
Saying goodbye to Ji-Seung was much harder than I anticipated.
Saying good to all of Mok-Dong was really sad.  I love the members so much.
In my last ward mission council our ward mission leader asked the leaving missionaries to bear their testimonies and share what they're learned while serving here. I shared the testimony that I have gained of fasting and I learned from the members that difficult situations doesn't make it ever okay to be sad. There's never any reason to be sad. I was so impressed by the members' continual smiles.
We had a week full of rejections but it's always the end of a discouraging day or week that brings the most miracles. We were able to meet with a former investigator while we were knocking on doors and trying to find formers. We taught her and she invited us back!

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