Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Letter 9/29/2014

I'm wearing the cute black and white floral button-up shirt you gave me. The last time I wore it a woman said to me, "You bought this in Korea, right? It's so cute so I know you bought it in Korea."(it's from Old Navy in the U.S. :)

We spent a lot of time this week visiting less actives to make sure that we visited them all by the end of the week. We had a good turn-out for our special sacrament meeting! It was an exciting day! We all ate food together afterwards and it was fun to see the less actives talk with the members while they ate.

On one night we mapped out which less actives we would visit and in which order. After we got off our bus and walked towards our first destination, I realized that we were standing in front of the apartment where the second LA lived, not the first. I was annoyed wih myself for making a mistake, expcially because it would take extra time to have to go back to the first apartment. We decided to just go the the second less active first (confused yet?). We happened to have a PI (potential investigator?) in this same apartment that we hadn't been able to make an apointment with yet and since we were standing closest to her house we decided to go there first. When the PI answered her door, she told us that she was so happy we had stopped by right then because she hadn't been home all day and she was about to leave her house again. I was annoyed for my mistake but it turned out to be for the better because we wouldn't have met her if we had followed our plans!

While I was on an exchange this week I taught a woman in their area (the area where the sister she did the exchange with serves). As we were talking, she asked us if we can feel the Spirit all of the time because she really wants to feel the Spirit all of the time. It was so sweet to hear her say that she wants to feel God's Spirit because she knows how it will bless her. She said that she had become a better person since she started meeting with the missionaries and she has been trying to be nice to her family and more like Jesus!

We had president interviews on Friday. We were able to have 20 minutes, rather than the normal 15. I love talking to my president because he always says the perfect things. And he always makes me feel like I'm the best missionary, even though I'm sure he says the same things to other missionaries. He knows how to uplift me. I've learned a lot from him and I'm so grateful to have him as my mission president.

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