Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Letter 1/12/2014

We went to the ocean last Monday. It was really fun. We ate raw fish and octopus. We picked out fish and sat in a restaurant while they cut it for us. We also watched them chop up our octopus so it was still moving while we ate it. It was so yummy. And we bought fresh shrimp and we ate those througout the week. Yum yum! But we can't eat raw fish anymore because of the radiation from Japan . America isn't safe either. But Thailand is safe! So we're gonna buy Thai shrimp from now on.
We decided to try a new technique this week and just hand out flyers for our English class so that we can reach more people. We handed out 200 flyers in an hour. We would talk to people a little but not have long conversations. I was talking to two moms and their babies both kids kissed me on the nose. It was so cute. I'm not sure it was appropriate but I couldn't push them away.
My mission president just informed us that we'll have a mission conference on New Years so I can get them (her birthday packages from us) then, maybe :)
I had my first REAL conversation this week and it made me really excited. I understood everything she asked me and I was able to talk about the gospel with her. I was sitting next to her on the bus. It made me super happy and have me confidence and courage.

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